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Healthy, non-fat cooking like on a natural hot stone

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About StoneDine

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StoneDine, the culinary revolution that brings the unbeatable flavour of cooking on stone into your home.

The secret to StoneDine cookware is the elite surface with its breakthrough "healthy cooking" technology.

Tough and durable, it locks in your food’s goodness then brings out the true flavour because StoneCote contains real stone and makes your food taste great! There’s nothing like the taste of cooking of cooking on natural hot stone.

Imagine restaurant quality steak, tender and juicy, cooked to perfection every time, or sizzling bacon and eggs without added oils or fats. It’s much healthier and you’ll love the taste. You’ll get these results with every piece of your StoneDine cookware.

StoneDine’s unique StoneCote surface.

So many people around the world love their StoneDine, and it works on all cooktops – gas, electric, ceramic and even induction cooktops.

The unique surface actually contains real stone particles that are directly bonded to the aluminium, then fused to a 4mm thick ferromagnetic stainless steel plate that evenly distributes heat, allowing food to cook right through.

And because it retains heat, you use less energy and save money.

A healthy way to cook.

Ordinary non-stick pans have chemical compounds in their coating that actually alter the original taste and can even leach toxins into your food.

Many leading scientists in the environmental protection agency in the US have found the most existing non-stick cookware probably like the cookware you have in your house, uses PTFE non-stick surfaces containing PFOA chemicals. Production of this cookware will phase out by 2015 because these chemicals have been linked to:

Breathing disorders


Serious birth defects

The StoneDine surface has no PTFE and no PFOA.

We guarantee StoneDine.

We are extremely confident you will love your StoneDine! In order to show you our confidence, every piece of StoneDine cookware order comes with a 30-day, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED money-back guarantee.

We guarantee the StoneDine cookware to be free from defects in workmanship and material under recommended use and service for a period of 12 years. For more information on the warranty contact our Customer Service.

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